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Swimming in Natural Hot Spring

Nature's Therapy

"It's easier to reset when someone is there supporting you at every step."

Experience individual renewal through your own immersive wilderness experience.  Whether your objectives are physical, mental or emotional; your professional wilderness guides and personal coaches take you on a journey beginning long before you board the plane.  Our expertise in reconnection and primal growth harnesses nature's resilience, effecting you on a deeper and more lasting level than traditional talking therapies. 


With a personalised mission focusing on your specific obstacles, goals or ambitions; you are encouraged to explore some of the earths most remote and inspiring landscapes.  Welcome to Primal Synergies; where the wilderness sparks evolution.

Camping Tent View


Northern Norway

* winter only


You will be operating out of a remote wilderness cabin deep inside the Arctic Circle in close proximity to the Russian border and Barents Sea.  The conditions are extreme but stunning.  With Northern Lights showers, snowy vistas and more stars than you will ever see again.  If you have the will to endure here, you can endure anything.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Remote tropical island


 Learn to fend for yourself living the real castaway experience.  This reef lined archipelago combines dense jungle, steep ravines, mangrove swamps and palm lined isolated beaches for you to explore. Preparation and survival training is compulsory if you are to survive here.  But by the end we guarantee you will be enjoying well earned beach BBQ's and long evenings by the fire.


The entire World

Want more choice to pick your environment?  We've operated from the Himalayas to the Andes.  From pole to pole, the Sahara to the Amazon.  Whatever your aspirations we can design the truly nomadic experience you're looking for.

Begin Your Journey

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